My name is Chie Boyer. (“Chie” rhymes with “Santa Fe”) I’m an American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) certified Japanese-American speech therapist. In the pst I have served at public schools as well as hospitals and nursing homes, which put a wide variety of experience under my belt.

I am a proud graduate of The Wichita State University, Kansas. I loved Kansas but my ambitious spouse in the US Military takes me around the country. In the past I have held licenses and a certificate in Kansas, Missouri, Michigan, Nebraska and Washington. Currently I live in Oklahoma.

My past practice centered around typical speaking and language issues among school-age children as well as adult population. Among the most common were kids’ speech being hard to understand, lisping, stuttering, learning difficulties stemming from acquiring language, childhood traumatic brain injury, adulthood swallowing difficulties, language handling issues from brain damage (both diseases and injuries) and speaking issues from brain damage. Some issues such as voice care with or without throat surgeries, voice use issues, voice care after gender reassignment, voice resonance issues and childhood feeding issues are areas in which my experience is not extensive.

Over the years I have developed a special place in my heart for people who speak with accents. I love listening to accented speech. I have one myself. But what if it’s so thick it leaveslisteners scratching heads? I have been there as a teen. And I would like to work with you.

All are welcome in my therapy room! If I can either work with you online or in person (when I can), rest assured I will give it my best to work with you.

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