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From 1 (worst) to 5 (best) how would you rate her in;
1. Overall performance. Were you satisfied with what she did?
– I was more than satisfied with what she did. I do not like the online format, but if we have to use it, she more than exceeded my expectations.

2. How well did she do to meet our school district's needs? (e.g., traveling in person, coordinating efforts with your staff members on the fly, etc.)
I feel like she did whatever it took to meet our needs here. I would have never expected her to travel, but when we needed her, she was here.

3. How well did she treat everyone with respect and understanding?

4. How well did she operate within what was appropriate for my role?
She did very well in her role as a virtual speech pathologist. She was always so sweet and cheerful.

5. How well did she meet Altus' needs on the administrative front? (i.e., IEP parts, documentation, evaluation, etc.)
She did a great job at meeting our needs on the administrative front. Chie went above and beyond for our district and I can’t thank her enough. If she wants to come in-person, we would hire her as soon as she said okay! She has a fun, sweet personality and I think she is great at her job.

Professional Review of Chie Boyer – Contracted Speech-Language Pathologist
Reviewer – MH, Special Education Director

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